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You've Hit the Lottery Jackpot! What Now?

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Involuntarily, I’d do a quadruple take on my lottery ticket and then suddenly realize that I just won the lottery! Every lottery winner’s to-do list: Jump up and down, scream and hug anything in sight. After I’ve caught my breath, lowered my pulse, and tempered my euphoria, I ask myself, “Now what?”Since my wildest dreams can become a reality, I would probably be pretty darn anxious to get my paws on that dough. I would probably need to chill out a bit and put my thinking hat on.

First things first; buy a string of islands. So this way, I can launch my bid to world domination. Here, I can do whatever the heck I want with no one telling me to put my clothes on or turning the music down. Week long parties, margaritas, and crazy times with friends would be the highlight of each day. We all know that eventually, even this, gets old. What am I to do next?

Ever heard of a meerkat? That’s right, the grooviest animal on earth (besides me, of course). Those cuties deserve to be living the way I do. A meerkat sanctuary will definitely do the trick. No more worrying about the small stuff like predators and food, just the important things, like finding a mate. Having people visit my islands and making them melt with love by the sheer sight of this elegant animal would fill my heart with joy.

I’m willing to bet that almost everyone would want a tricked out ride if they had the money. Every day I dream about owning a one of a kind 2011 Lexus LFA, with a 4.8L V10 engine topping out at 202 mph, and the beauty to make a meerkat’s jaw drop. As crazy as it sounds, I would have about 30 of these cars, all different colors and what not, and own a massive racetrack for my friends and me to race on.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted the impossible. Say, the formula for Coke-a-Cola for instance. Even though the formula isn’t for sale as of now, everything has a price and I plan to bank roll the company. This highly furtive formula is the answer to everything in the world, believe it or not. But get this; the water fountains on my islands would gush Coke-a-Cola instead of water, how sweet would that be?

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