Winning the Lottery and What I Would Do

Recently, I've been reading articles by other ACers about the American Dream of winning the lottery and what they would do with their winnings. Well, this is a fun article to both read and write so I thought I'd jot down my thoughts on winning the lottery. The American Dream has changed to hopes of 'winning the lottery' and is definitely something that we've all dreamed about.Winning the "big" one would certainly make life easier, but I'm not so sure that it would be an instant makeover for me. My husband and I designed our dream house ten years ago and moved into it seven years ago. We are very happy where we live and winning the lottery would not change that.

I do play the lottery games occasionally, but not every week. I realize that in order to reach my goal of winning the lottery, then I must purchase at least one lottery ticket in order to win. I don't buy tickets every week, as I'm not one to carry cash around with me.

My American Dream of not having to work and being able to pay for just about anything would also include a lot of charity. Winning the lottery, especially if it's a big pot would help me achieve this goal.

The First Thing I'd Do
Since I bought the ticket I think that I'm entitled to be first in line. Without a doubt, I'd pay off my mortgage. Charity begins at home.

#2 Take Care of the Family
Winning the lottery should make life easier, and I'd want to make some family member's lives easier. I have a sister who has been out of work for over a year now and she has COPD/Emphysema. I'm sure she's not getting the medical attention she needs but she won't talk about it. She's currently renting an apartment. I would buy her a nice home wherever she wanted so that she would have a permanent roof over her head.

After taking care of my sister, then I would take care of the other family members by paying off their mortgages or buying them a car.

#3 Support Local Businesses
I believe in buying locally and I'd support the local office of Merry Maids. Nothing would make me happier than to have a maid come in once a week to vacuum and dust. Every year for Christmas, I ask for the same thing-a maid for a year. It hasn't happened yet. By winning the lottery, this would happen almost immediately.

#4 Support the Animals
I love animals and would want to help our local shelter. The local humane group here has been saying for years that they would build a shelter and it hasn't happened yet. Through mismanagement and a big spending president, the homeless animals have suffered. Winning the lottery would give me incentive to have a shelter built. I would then have to come up with a 'catchy' name for the shelter. Maybe I'll post a contest and ask all of you to help me. (Let's see, the winner gets a trip to Hawaii? Two weeks? Four weeks? Would that work?) If I couldn't build a shelter, I could at least pay for all spayings and neuterings for a year along with pet food, pet toys, etc.

#5 Support A Local Family
At Christmas, my husband and I always support a local family. Life isn't always easy, and some people suffer more than others. I remember one Christmas we supported a single Mom and her two kids. The kids got lots of clothes and a few toys from us. The Mom only asked for one thing: a frying pan. I was touched by her unselfish request and when you think about it, pots and pans are a necessity. So, we bought this Mom a very nice 12-piece pan set complete with covers. Shortly after Christmas, we received a card in the mail via the Salvation Army. The Mom sent us a very nice Christmas card thanking us for taking care of her children and buying the family a set of pots and pans. She mentioned that until she opened our gift, she had only one pan to cook meals with. Imagine life like that. It shouldn't be.

By winning the lottery, I would make a difference in someone else's life. I would go down to our local department of social services and ask for a family to support. And I don't mean to hand them money or buy them some food and walk away. I would support this family until things got better for them. If they needed beds or bedding, I 'd get that; if they needed a computer for the kids, I'd get that; if they needed food for the dog, I'd get that. I'd do whatever to help them get on their feet and enjoy life a little bit. Winning the lottery would help me help someone else.

#6 Volunteer for the Oil Spill
Yes, I would want to spend some time helping the humane societies and agencies down there to clean up the birds and other sea creatures. It's just plain horrid. If I won the lottery, I would have time to do something like this and feel like I was making a difference.

#7 Vacation Time
Now that I have taken care of people and animals, it's time for a nice, long vacation (am I spending too much on me?). My husband and I like to cruise and I'd suggest that we take one of those 21-day cruises to nowhere. Just to be pampered and see different sights every day would be fun. Winning the lottery would certainly make this dream come true.

#8 Increase my Reading Time
I'd purchase all of Jane Austen's writings.

Of course, you must realize that by winning the lottery all of the above will be subject to many lengthy discussions with my husband whom I know will want to buy a golf course, a Ferrari (?), and new gadgets like an Ipad, Ipod, and state-of-the-art camera. He likes things that whistle, beep, and make noise (which is why our garage is double the size of a normal one and he has a workshop out there). He may even want a bigger garage.

Source: Personal Dreams and Wishes

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