The Lottery Butterfly

He needed to write one story today. Like everyone else he had bills to pay but maybe too this could reach someone who would be better off by reading it. Not junk food for the brain but something that could stick with the soul and like a bubbling spring of water by the roadside, it could refresh and renew the mind as one remembered these words. Or maybe it would get lots of attention and be like a lottery ticket.

Yet the ancient king Solomon wrote “there is nothing new under the sun,” If this were true then he could not write anything new. All that he could write would have been written leaving him with repackaging old tunes in a different way. But wait a minute they do that with songs today. How many tunes have been written and forgotten then found again? Published under another name by the finder, not the author. Is there nothing new then. The airplane or electric batteries have been before.

What was new then? My life? My genes? Not really, my parents, who got the information from their parents, passed those on. My personal experiences are new then? Yes, but other have gone or are going through the same. Who would want to read nothing is new, everything is recycled, but you. Science says energy is not created or lost it just changes form. But this is my form and my experiences he thought, weather new or not to others it new to me. I could read of what others have done then I could do something different. But thoughts precede action and if my mind is filled with what others have done then how can I think of something new?

I must go back to he beginning he reasoned. There like at the start of a river would be pure waters of thought and ideas not mudded by generations of souls recycling that which already has been. Has some entropy butterfly affected every thing then? Has humanity spent all it’s thoughts in some huge lottery only to have a few winners? If this were true then most people would be lacking in common sense and only a few would be able to even think differently. Why play the lottery then? No, no, no he thought this article has gone all wrong. Just because history repeats itself does not mean humanity is in some graveyard spiral like some pilot lost in fog that keeps pulling left on the rudder.

The more he reasoned about human history, human behavior, and science the more Solomon words rang true. What Jesus said seemed new he thought, but then he remembered that King Solomon said, “There is nothing better than a man should enjoy his work and wife” and to “fear God” Yet it was King Solomon’s words that had sent him down this train of thought in which humanity ends recycling itself into nothing except there be a God to intervene.

Distracted by thoughts about women he stopped writing and went for walk; after all even God seeks company.

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