Should Casinos Ban Successful Gamblers?

I am told that it is common practice for casinos to prohibit successful gamblers from playing. While I personally do not gamble and am opposed to the practice, I also think it is outrageous that casinos are permitted to ban winners in this way. Here's why:1. False Advertising. The implicit promise of any casino is that visitors might get lucky and win a fortune. But that promise is a lie if casinos routinely prohibit winners from playing. If winners cannot go on winning, then casinos are simply offering people a flashy way to squander their money.

  1. Preying On The Weak. One of the strongest public policy objections against gambling is that it preys on the weak. Compulsive gamblers (who are not winners) go to the casino day after day, squandering what little money they have, and the casino profits from the phenomenon. This objection is doubly strong if winners are barred from casinos. In that case, not only are casinos profiting from losers, but they are refusing to do business with anyone who is not a loser!
  2. Encouraging Elaborate Schemes. What do winners who get kicked out of casinos do? Do you think they just walk out of the casino, shrug, and go get a job? I doubt it. I have heard stories of elaborate schemes employed by such players, involving disguises, cheating devices, and travel to numerous casinos. By making life difficult for winners, casinos incentivize winners to find ways to cheat.

As I say, I would just as soon see all people stop gambling. But if we are going to have casinos, then the casinos should at least play fair. The rules of casino games are simple and well understood. People should be free to win or lose, as long as they comply with these rules.

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