Scratch-Off Lottery Secret Revealed

Scratch off lottery tickets, the concept seems so easy. You hand over your money to the person behind the counter, select a ticket, dig a coin out of your pocket, scratch and hope for the best. A significant amount of luck is needed to become a winner, however, a quick look at a website you probably already use can dramatically increase your chances of winning.Many of us who play the various lottery games, whether it be the Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash 5 or just the simple Pick 3 or 4 games have visited the state lottery website. We go there to check the numbers on our ticket with those of the winning numbers. We might even use it to find out how high the jackpot has grown or when the next set of winners will be drawn.

What most people, especially those who play scratch offs or instant games, rarely do is use a very helpful resource available to them on the state lottery website. Not only are all scratch off tickets still available for sale pictured with the price of the ticket listed. The site also shows you how many winners, and of what value, are still not claimed. This information can go a great way toward helping you decide what tickets to buy.

We have all been there, standing in front of the lottery counter with a seemingly unending choice of possible types of scratch off tickets to buy. Most of us base our choices on games we like to play, or a ticket with our favorite sports team on it. Some choose tickets with a really high grand prize like Win for Life, while other opt for tickets with low top prizes hoping to increase their chances of at least winning something.

While some luck may turn those methods into winners, the use of the information you get from the lottery website gives you the most control of your fate you can possibly have. Knowing which tickets have what prizes still available to be won will narrow your choices. You certainly wouldn’t want to buy a ticket if you knew all the grand prizes were gone. The website shows you that. On the other hand, knowing a ticket still has multiply chances for winning the to p prize certtainly makes it more attractive.

I want to give you two recent examples from my state’s lottery website. A $50,000 prize Super Crossword ticket on sale for $5 only had a top prize of $7,500 available to be won. All the grand prizes had been claimed. Meanwhile a Hold’Em Poker ticket also sold for$5 had three $100,000 grand prizes still unclaimed. Spending your $5 on the Super Crossword ticket would practically be like making a charitable donation.

The saying goes “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, but for who? In this case a little knowledge can go a long way toward making you a scratch off ticket lottery winner. At the very least it won’t allow you to be that idiot in line in front of you that just bought a lottery ticket that has no chance at winning.

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