Pot Limit Omaha: The Gamblers Game of Choice

Although no limit Texas hold’em is the traditional game of choice among poker players on sites such as pokerstars (, there is a lesser known, more action packed poker game that has started to gain immense popularity. That game is pot limit Omaha. Omaha, which has continues to grow as a staple game for serious poker players, is a hold’em style game where each player is dealt four cards instead of the traditional two. Just like hold’em there is a flop, a turn, and a river each with round of betting. Unlike hold’em, however, each player is required to use two of the four cards in his hand to make the best possible five card hand. This means that if you hold an ace of spades but do not have another spade you do not make a flush when there are four spades on the board.Because you are dealt four cards you have a much higher chance to hit the flop than you do in hold’em. Almost everyone who is in a hand has usually hit the flop somehow; Some will have a pair, others a straight draw, maybe even a set. When so many people catch a piece of the flop betting is inevitable. To an unexperienced Omaha player the number of people in any given pot as well as the continuous raising and re-raising may seem like chaos. It is not unusual to see multiple players betting big all with very good hands.

With the possibility of so many good hands floating around most serious Omaha players recognize the importance of having good draws. Most action in Omaha comes from the fact that no one is really drawing dead; with the flip of a card someone who was winning on the flop with the best possible straight is now beat by a player who caught a flush on the turn. The flush can then be beat by a third player who catches a full-house on the river when the board pairs. The Volatility of game demands that when you do have a non-made hand you only draw to the nuts so that when you do hit your out you are not drawing dead.

With all the draws in Omaha another important skill is to be able to calculate pot odds. Pot odds are an attempt to match in your favor the odds that you will win the pot with the amount of money you stand to win. If you have twelve outs to make your straight when there is only one card to come and your opponent bets $10 into a pot of $100 you have odds to call because you will draw one of your outs one out of four times while you will make $110 if you call $10 which is eleven to one. If on the other hand your opponent bet $60 into the same $100 pot you do not have the pot odds to call because while you still will win one in four times if you call, you only stand to win $160 which is two to one. If you would like to try your luck at Omaha or other poker games like Razz, Studd and Omaha H/L try your luck at fulltilt poker.

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