NFL 2010: Early Las Vegas Betting Lines & Picks for September 19th

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook has selected 80 NFL games with betting lines and the public can now place bets on these NFL games. So what is the point of putting up betting lines on NFL games four to eight months in advance? The answer is simple, the sportbooks will be able to hold that money for those four to eight months and their obvious goal is to get enough action on both sides so they can make money on the vig (vig is the extra money you pay to place the bet-the extra $10 on a -$110 bet).The advantage to the bettor, is the ability to place a bet now and then have the ability to bet more when the line moves after injuries or bad starts. Another opportunity that is fun for the bettor, is the possibility of middling the bet. We will discuss middling later as the season begins. Just know this, it will be a fun option to have once October and November roll around in the NFL.

Sunday September 19th, 2010. NFL week 2.
Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys -6.5.
The Dallas Cowboys have a definite NFL history of coming out of the gate fast and Jay Cutler will still be coming of age as the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. Don’t let this affect any thinking of Chicago’s performance for later in the season. Dallas will dominate this game and could conceivably win by three touchdowns. Chicago has no chance in this game take Dallas -6.5 while you can.

Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota Vikings -5.
This game can be a dangerous call. What if Brett Favre flakes? What if Brett Favre skips all of the off season again? If Favre does not play in 2010 or is out of shape to start the 2010 NFL season, Miami could be the bet. If you are a gambler bet Miami +5 now and then wait for a chance to middle this game as the season starts. The best play is to take Minnesota -5 at home this line will reach eight points once Favre’s status is confirmed.

New England Patriots vs New York Jets -2.5.
Everyone and their mother loves the New York Jets to win the AFC East in 2010. I even predicted 10-11 wins for New York but I also believe this is one of their 5 or 6 losses. Rex Ryan made a point of circling New England on his calender last year, now the shoe is on the other foot. Don’t give Tom Brady any extra motivation, he will tear a team apart. Take New England +2.5 and if this line goes to even, still take New England.

New York Giants vs Indianapolis Colts -7.
The brothers Manning square off in this NFL week two series in Indianapolis and this line may not sit on seven points for long. The tough aspect of betting this game so early is how quick each team will get out of the gate. Indianapolis is a proven quick starter early in the NFL season so this makes them the bet in early June. Make a small play on Indianapolis -7 and watch this line as the season nears.

Monday September 20th, 2010 NFL week 2.
New Orleans Saints -4 vs San Francisco 49ers.
The second Monday Night Football game of the season could be a better game than it looks on the surface. One rule in handicapping the NFL is take a close look at home underdogs. Another aspect to consider, is the defending Super Bowl Champions do have a tendency to stumble. San Francisco’s defense is the key to this game. If they can get the pressure on Drew Brees and shut down the running game, San Francisco could shock some people but they are a solid underdog in this spot.

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