If I Had Won the Lottery

Well, today all my hopes and dreams were shattered, like many of yours, when I awoke to the troubling news that 3 people had the winning lottery tickets for the largest lottery drawing of all time and it wasn’t me. I thought for sure I had the winning numbers.

Now, I am not a gambler, but when the amount get’s up 640 million dollars, I can’t help but throw a dollar in and try my luck, it can’t hurt anything, I am no more rich or poorer then I already was. So my wife ask me the question, what would we do if we won the 640 Million dollars?

Well, I went into day dream mode and laid on my old beat up coach and thought about what I would do if we won the lottery. Now the cash take home option would net you about 300 million dollars give or take a few million. I definitely took the cash option.

Now, before I go into any details about what I would do if we had won the lottery you would have understand a little more about us. We are very simple common folks, we don’t have exotic animals, fancy clothes, new cars, a big house, no condo vacation home, heck we don’t even take vacations. I believe in simplicity in all it’s forms. It makes for much more happy and peaceful life. Don’t get me wrong I would love to travel the world, but I don’t know anyone who could afford that.

Ok, you get the picture, enough on that here is the top 10 things I would do if I won the lottery.

1) I would set up trust account’s for all my kids at 10 million dollars each (that’s 50 million dollars).

2) I would give all close family member’s 500,000 dollars each (about 10 million dollars).

3) I would donate 30 million dollars to a variety of charities churches, non-profits, salvation army, red cross etc.

4) I would purchase about 5 acres on the side of a mountain over looking the city of Denver and build a green home completely self sufficient with well and septic system with solar and wind power no public utilities. Public utilities are way to expensive these days. Cost about 5 million good real estate is expensive especially in Denver.

5) I would purchase a decked out pink Jeep Wrangler for my wife. She has been wanting one since she was a little girl watching the Dukes of Hazard (lol). There something about Daisy Duke everyone loves. Cost about 60,000.

6) I would of course have to purchase a new ride for myself and it would be a 1972 Chevy Nova decked out with Trailer and ready for the drag strip. Cost about 40,000.

7) Of course we would need a family ride and it would for sure have to be a Cadillac Escalade laid out with DVD players, Onstar the works. Cost about 100,000.

8) We would need to take vacations and it’s expensive to fly and really can’t stand the though of some guy feeling me up thinking I am terrorist so we would definitely have to drive, so we would purchase a 2012 Pleasure-Way Plateau and in the summer when the kids aren’t in school we would travel the Country and heck maybe even check out Canada because we could afford the Passports. Cost about 160,000.

9) I mentioned early I would love to see the world, so I would hire a guide someone experienced in European, Middle Eastern and the East cultures and spend the summer abroad experiencing all different types of lifestyles on a ship of course.

10) I would hire the best account’s and counselors money can buy and invest into some very solid companies and enjoy the remainder of my days writing books, poems and any darn think I can think of. Cost Priceless.

Well there you have it that sums up what I would do if I would been the lucky man to have won the largest lottery drawing the world has every known.

As I always say keep it simple stupid, because simple is as simple does. Just sayin

Great day to all

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