What’s At Market

Brookside Farmers’ Market – Saturday, March 28th  8:30 – 11am Whole Foods

Here’s who & what you’ll find at this week’s Market…….

A.K.’s Bloomers - Please visit our Facebook page to see the varieties of Cole plants that will be at market, which include – Cabbage, Cauliflower & Broccoli.  Samples of “floating row cover” and 9 gauge wire on display. Time to plant now!

Blakely Family Farm - We have all cuts of beef, pork and lamb available as well as farm fresh eggs. We’ll be bringing cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower plants.

City Girl’s SiloCheck out the artisan metal work designs. Gina repurposes everyday items into functional works of art!

Greenwood Farms - We’ll be there with lots of Farm Fresh Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs. We will have our meats: Bacon, Pork Chops, Link Sausages, Ground Beef, Steaks, Lamb, Goat and Chicken.

Jared’s Propops - If you haven’t already check out Jared’s Probiotic Sodas & Popsicles come by to taste this Saturday.

Knight Creek Farms - We’ll be back with our local pecans, chocolate covered pecans, our Native Pecan Oil & more.

Koehn’s Grassfed - We’ll have PLENTY of farm-fresh, Eggs from free-range hens & many cuts of grassfed meat.

LOMAH DairyWe’ll see you this Saturday with havarti, gouda and asiago cheeses!

Middle Mountain Dairy – We’ll have all our main flavors of goat cheese, our Cream Cheese Pies and fresh Goat Milk.

Redbird Ranch Fare We’ll be at Saturdays market with our usual items. See you there!

Tria Yang Farmfreshly harvested early spring produce – lots of leafy greens, herbs, etc.!

W Bar M Sheep & WoolWe’ll have seasonal produce, picked fresh from our protected fields and winter greenhouses.

Wagon Creek Creamery - Although the bulk of our herd has yet to calve this spring, those that are milking are producing more so we’ve been able to make butter, buttermilk and yogurt. We also have plenty of raw milk cheeses, granola and bars, eggs–even duck eggs!–pizza crusts and grass fed beef.

Wildhorse Canyon Farms - Jams, jellies and be sure to stop by to taste our wine varieties! 

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Join us as we start our 18th season on Cherry Street

 APRIL 4th 7 – 11 am