Earn Cash with Sports Arbitrage Betting

Did you know that 99% of the people who bet on sports generally loose money. This is because they gamble: they bet at their favourite team or bet because they think it's fun and exciting. Sometimes they loose, sometimes they win, but overall they slightly or even hugely loose.Only 1% profits permanently from sports betting. They don't just place a bet they hope to win, no they place bets THEY know that will lead them to a guaranteed profit.

How is it possible to place these so called 'sure bets'?

This is as simple and easy to explain as it is to learn. Let me tell you the headlines. For more info and the free e-book full of extra information visit . I will even show you how to get you another €40 FREE just to learn this strategy. See me as the Robin Hood of sports betting!

The strategy with which you make guaranteed profits is called SPORTS ARBITRAGE BETTING. Let me tell you how it works.

Bookmakers have different opinions about matches, and thus give different odds for the same match. For instance, take a match like Real Madrid – Barcelona. Bookmaker A will give Real Madrid 1,90 to win, 2.80 for a draw and 3.10 for a win from Barcelona. Bookmaker B however gives 2.30 for Real Madrid to win, 2.60 for a draw and 2.50 for a win from Barcelona.
Because there exist GAPS IN ODDS created by DIFFERENT BOOKMAKERS, we can take advantage of that by placing bets at the same match, on all outcomes, at different bookmakers. This is, in short, arbitrage betting.

If all the odds would be the same, there would be no arbitrage betting. But because of their disagreement we gain. How does an arb (arbitrage oppurtunity) work?

Take the highest winning odds for team A at bookmaker X and place a bet on that one (calculated amount) and take highest loosing odds (the other winning) for team B at bookmaker Y. WHOEVER WINS THE MATCH, YOU WILL MAKE A PROFIT! This is because you don't bet the same amount.

Now, most arbs have a profit of 2-4%, but sometimes you even have arbs of around 10%. If you would 'risk' €2000 total on an arb you would thus gain €20-40 or sometimes even over a €100 per arb!!

And just so you know, new arbs appear EVERY MINUTE! This means you can make huge profits.

Of course you need to invest some money, and of course you have to learn some things. But overall arbitrage betting is easy, simple, and above all it is LEGAL. Why else would my website attract more than 50 bookmakers to sponsor me? Bookmakers don't care a bunch of people coming and taking, in their view, small profits. They know 99% of the other ppl will throw away money. Bookmakers make billions of money so don't worry that they will bann your account. That is not an option.

Oh one last thing, many people have been asking me why this is so easy, and why bookmakers let it happen. Well this is easy to answer: Arbitrage betting is VERY UNKNOWN. It is around for a long time but kept underground for a long time too. Now that I reveal it, it is open to the public, meaning you and your friends!!

Good luck!

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