Cleveland, Ohio Holds Celebrity Death Pool for Gamblers: $30,000-$40,000 Winning Pot

If you are a gambler even if just for a dollar or two you've probably got in some silly betting games with your friends. For instance I've played a few myself where 3 or 4 people at a baseball game pass a 32 oz. cup around there little area where everyone puts a dollar in and each half inning one person will get a chance to see if the baseball will roll and stay on the dirt of the pitcher's mound when the athletes or umpire roll it that way. If it does the person who's chance it was wins all the money in the cup, if not everyone places another dollar in until someone does win or give it all back to everyone if it never happens. For $18 (sometimes more for extra innings) you can have some fun with your friends and people will look at you as to why you are cheering in the middle of the inning screaming at the top of your lungs, "Get on the mound"! or "Go Ball Go"!Thats small potatoes compared to a game that is in Cleveland, Ohio that not only cost $100 a month to be in, but the prize winnings are usually around $30,000-$40,000. This is not from a sporting event, playing Texas hold em', going to a casino, the lottery or any normal gambling prize. This is something morbid, something that you will either laugh at because its almost unbelievable, or you will be so disgusted you would like to put your .02 cents in about how much you despise people that are doing this.

Basically how it works is that there are 300 to 400 people involved that are given a continuous list of celebrities that are at least sixty years of age or older. Each month you have a name on the list maybe Bob Barker or Barbara Walters or any celebrity figure from the movies, music, or even politics. Whatever it may be you have this person for the entire month and if no one dies on the list then the money is rolled over to the next month. You are then given the name of the person next in line on the list as if it is a rotation each month until finally someone dies and the winner goes and collects their money.

I know you are probably sitting there wondering how in the world I even know about something like this. I could give you a long drawn out story about how I used to be addicted to gambling which gave me a front seat to many opportunities such as this one (which I never did by the way) and many others being a bartender and around gamblers all the time. I first heard about this in 2004 so I am unaware if it is still running or if anyone got busted, but if you are a gambler it may be one of the strangest of all time. Until Next Time………………………

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