Save Money by Banning the Lottery from Your Budget

In these tight economic times, we are all looking for ways like sotongdewa to trim personal expenses. We are all examining our budgets, and deciding what we can live without. And the things that we keep spending money on must lead to a definite benefit in our lives; or at the very least, be a necessity.One of the things that many individuals can cut out of their budgets are lottery tickets. Whether they are scratch tickets, or tickets for the mega-prize multi-state drawings, lottery tickets seldom provide a return that outweighs their annual cost. Yes, there are people that win big “life-changing” prizes; but they are the exception and not the rule.

For instance, if you live in Colorado, there are four weekly lottery drawings: two for the local state lottery, and two for the multi-state Powerball drawing. The Colorado state drawing costs one dollar for a chance to win, and the Powerball costs either one dollar or two depending on whether you want a chance at winning the biggest prize. Let’s assume that the player wants a chance at winning the biggest prizes. Therefore each week, provided that a player is playing both games every drawing, a lottery player is shelling out six dollars.

Six dollars does not sound like a lot. But that is per week, and assumes that the player is only playing a single ticket per drawing. Over the space of a year, six dollars per week adds up to three hundred and twelve dollars a …


Is Winning the Lottery a Curse?

Who in his right mind wouldn't be completely ecstatic in winning a huge multi-million dollar lottery? Some people play the lottery on occasion. But there are hordes of people who have incorporated the purchase of lottery tickets into their daily routines. Whether you play strictly for entertainment purposes, or to catapult a luxurious lifestyle, the result of landing a windfall in the lottery can bring more heartache than relief.THE PROBLEM WITH THE LOTTERY…

Demographic records have dictated in the past that the heaviest lottery contributors are usually the poorest members of society. It can also be said that those who are the most desperate for a big break are those who are actually providing that big "break" to others who ultimately win.

The lottery, which is essentially gambling run by the state, is used to fund causes like education. The majority of the monies paid out is dedicated to lottery prizes. The rest is divided amongst education funding, and the expenses required to run the game itself. Thus, the lottery itself may not necessarily be corrupt. It is in essence what is done with game prize money that makes the concept of a lottery questionable.


For every smiling face of a lottery winner, there is another winner whose countenance bears something a bit more disillusioned. These are some of the unfortunate dozens who have realized that winning is not always everything:

  • Evelyn Adams/ New Jersey/ $5.4 million- This lucky lady won the NJ lottery not once,

Mega Millions Lottery Winner Lost Ticket for a Time — Then Redeemed for $1 Million Prize

Most people who win lotteries are pretty eager to claim their millions. The whole point of playing the lottery, after all, is to potentially win the money. So it was surprising when Raleigh Hill and his wife waited six months to redeem their $1 million Mega Millions prize.Raleigh Hill won his $1 million lottery prize in the August 20, 2010 Mega Millions drawing. Not a close observer of the lottery, apparently, Hill did not realize until a couple weeks after the drawing that he had one. Then a series of events caused a delay in redeeming the prize, including a time when Hill had lost the ticket, which he later found in a shoebox. This week, Hill and his wife redeemed the ticket for their $1 million prize, on the last day before expiration, claiming that fear of publicity had contributed to the delay. [Source: "Just in time: Couple claims lotto prize right before deadline," MSNBC, 2/16/11. Downloaded from:]

At least we know that Raleigh Hill is not hard up for cash. If he had any pressing debts or other obligations, he presumably would not have waited six months to claim his $1 million prize. One has to wonder, however, how anyone could wait that long to collect their winnings.

Raleigh Hill is not the only lottery winner to wait to redeem a winning ticket out of fear of publicity, of course. Last month, $180 Million winner Holly Lahti let a whole week pass before she claimed her winnings …

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You've Hit the Lottery Jackpot! What Now?

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Involuntarily, I’d do a quadruple take on my lottery ticket and then suddenly realize that I just won the lottery! Every lottery winner’s to-do list: Jump up and down, scream and hug anything in sight. After I’ve caught my breath, lowered my pulse, and tempered my euphoria, I ask myself, “Now what?”Since my wildest dreams can become a reality, I would probably be pretty darn anxious to get my paws on that dough. I would probably need to chill out a bit and put my thinking hat on.

First things first; buy a string of islands. So this way, I can launch my bid to world domination. Here, I can do whatever the heck I want with no one telling me to put my clothes on or turning the music down. Week long parties, margaritas, and crazy times with friends would be the highlight of each day. We all know that eventually, even this, gets old. What am I to do next?

Ever heard of a meerkat? That’s right, the grooviest animal on earth (besides me, of course). Those cuties deserve to be living the way I do. A meerkat sanctuary will definitely do the trick. No more worrying about the small stuff like predators and food, just the important things, like finding a mate. Having people visit my islands and making them melt with love by the sheer sight of this elegant animal would fill my heart with joy.

I’m willing to bet that almost everyone would want a …


Hitting the I.R.S. Lottery

The time has come, as it does every year for all of us hard working people to once again go see the accountant and square away with Internal Revenue Service. For some people, this is a dreaded event, but to others, it’s like hitting the lottery, of course on a much smaller scale for most us. However, receiving that lump sum of money from the I.R.S. feels like free and found money although we have actually worked and earned it.Being a self employed Educational Consultant I do not have the option to have my taxes taken out of my weekly paycheck. I can’t opt for the larger weekly paycheck and less of a return. I instead have to hand the accountant every piece of paper and receipt I have from the year and hope for the best come April. Most of the time this works out for the best and I wind up receiving a return just big (or small depending how you look at it) enough so that if I chose to, I could take a family of four on vacation to Disney the value plan way (which by the way, I have done in the past). This is the way I have been filing my taxes for the past four years. I have gotten used to this way of saving and spending the money throughout the year and I have to say I am getting to enjoy the “lottery win” no matter how small. This year was no …


Lottery Top Secret

The secret to winning Fantasy 5 lottery lies largely in understanding how to work the numbers.

The top secret is applying the method to winning Fantasy 5 consistently.

The game is played nearly every day. You have an ample opportunity to win good money by learning the methods.

The Fantasy 5 lottery game is played by several states. The lotto game goes by different names depending on the state. Fantasy 5 lottery go by so many names, including Cash 5, Match 5, Fantasy Five and so forth.

Let us examine lotto trend numbers 12, 25 and 17 over several states.

California Lottery

CA Fantasy 5 exhibited the trend towards the end of last month. California lottery results played the winning numbers 12 and 25 on 8/29/2011. They group came back in the next California lottery result with 12 and 17 on 8/30/2011.

California Fantasy 5 completed the trend with winning number 25 on 8/31/2011. The trend resumed on 9/3/2011 with number 17. The remaining members 12 and 25 played nearly one week later to complete that cycle.

I will elaborate more on the top secret later in this article.

Texas Lottery

Cash Five is the lotto game for the Lone Star State. Texas lottery results will show clearly that the trend is good in every lottery market.

You don't need to look further than one week to see the trend in action. Look at Texas Cash Five results of 9/12/2011 through 9/15/2011. The trend played right after each other. The …


2009 NBA Lottery Results, Draft Predictions

The LA Clippers won the 209 NBA lottery with only being the third worst team in the NBA last season. Sacramento had to settle for the fourth overall pick for the upcoming 2009 NBA draft after having the worst record in the league last season. The Kings had a 25 % chance to get the number one pick in the draft, but were unable to obtain the number one or two position. The Memphis Grizzlies were able to upgrade their position from the fifth pick to number two after the lottery was held. The Clippers are expected to pick number one prospect Blake Griffin with the first draft pick in June with Spain's Ricky Rubio heavily favored to be the second overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft. The following is the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery order with predicted picks based on team need for each franchise.2009 NBA Mock Lottery Draft with Revised Team Order

#1 Pick 2009 NBA Draft Lottery – LA Clippers
Blake Griffin – PF – Okalahoma

#2 Pick 2009 NBA Draft Lottery – Memphis Grizzlies
Ricky Rubio – PG – Spain

#3 Pick 2009 NBA Draft Lottery – Oklahoma City Thunder
Hasheem Thabeet – C – UConn

#4 Pick 2009 NBA Draft Lottery – Sacramento Kings
James Harden – SG – Arizona State

#5 Pick 2009 NBA Draft Lottery – Washington Wizards
Jordan Hill – PF Arizona

#6 Pick 2009 NBA Draft Lottery – Minnesota Timberwolves
DeMar DeRozan – SG – USC

#7 Pick 2009


Scratch-Off Lottery Secret Revealed

Scratch off lottery tickets, the concept seems so easy. You hand over your money to the person behind the counter, select a ticket, dig a coin out of your pocket, scratch and hope for the best. A significant amount of luck is needed to become a winner, however, a quick look at a website you probably already use can dramatically increase your chances of winning.Many of us who play the various lottery games, whether it be the Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash 5 or just the simple Pick 3 or 4 games have visited the state lottery website. We go there to check the numbers on our ticket with those of the winning numbers. We might even use it to find out how high the jackpot has grown or when the next set of winners will be drawn.

What most people, especially those who play scratch offs or instant games, rarely do is use a very helpful resource available to them on the state lottery website. Not only are all scratch off tickets still available for sale pictured with the price of the ticket listed. The site also shows you how many winners, and of what value, are still not claimed. This information can go a great way toward helping you decide what tickets to buy.

We have all been there, standing in front of the lottery counter with a seemingly unending choice of possible types of scratch off tickets to buy. Most of us base our choices on games we …


Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" as a Representational View of Society Today

The characters of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” let fear and emotions run high. No one is willing to face the problem of blindly following traditions that result in the death of a community member. Today society is no longer blind like this, and so this story is more characteristic of a typical mob scene than the attitudes of today’s society.The characters of Mr. and Mrs. Adams are representative of the progressive members of the community. They show this in the short yet significant conversation with Old Man Warner. Although an opinion is never given, their mentioning of the community in the north talking of “giving up the lottery” and other communities that had abolished the lottery completely is a daring step. Speaking of getting rid of the lottery is not a bold statement in of itself, it was to whom they were speaking that made it even more apparent they were possibly not just making small talk at an uncomfortable time.

Old Man Warner’s reply was typical of a backward-looking member of the community. He thinks that young people with no sense are the only ones who would see sense in abandoning the lottery. He states that eliminating the lottery would mean less food for everyone. He feels that the lottery keeps the town moving forward. His basis for this is based on superstition and is apparent when he says “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon”. Someone who validates the stoning of individuals with superstition can definitely be …