Buckeyes-Wolverines Score Key to Winning Lottery Ticket in Ohio

If you play the numbers, and you live in Ohio, then you know that number came in today. I hope you played it. According to their website ( they paid out big; 952K big. Now, how did they know it was coming up? I know how they did. They play that thing everyday, and so did I; but not today. What is the significance? It is said to be the number you should play if someone you know has passed away. So thats why it is played everyday, because someone knows someone who has left this beautiful world that day. But wait a minute! What’s the number when someone is born? 000? No, its the same number you would play if someone passed away -“679”. “And for every ending there is a new begining”.Just recently in our great state there was a football game between two college teams; the end score was 42 to 39. The two teams battled it out for a chance to go the championship game. The one with 42 points went, and then lost the big game that was held 51 days later. Well, lottery players went out and played the 4 digit combination “4239”, and won BIG. Ninety percent “4239” wagers came in after 7 p. m., just after that game ended. The Ohio lottery commission paid out over 2 million bucks that night, because that very number came up. Who knew? They did!!!
Not so recently the author dreamed that he went into the place where he bought his numbers and they said the number was 738. He had to check to make sure it was a dream. It was. This was 10 years ago. When he realized it was a dream he started playing that number( “738”). That’s his number; his lucky number; he supposes. It came in 8 days after the dream, and he won. It wasn’t that much though, $1083.00, enough to pay for Christmas, but that was all he needed. And when you’re talking the big “C” isn’t that what we all need? Just a little money for Christmas? He had that.

She said she needed a gold watch; she got it. She said she needed money; she got it. How in the world did those numbers come in? He doesn’t know. He hopes they come in again, but when. Oh, they did and on that day he didn’t have enough thought to play. He was done with the lottery, but just when he was done; the number came up.
When you don’t know, don’t care, don’t play it, don’t ask what the number was. If you are really done with it, it’s ok. It’s not like you are dealing with the Mafia, right? You can get out whenever you want.

You can never know when your number is gonna come in. You can play it hoping it will. But in the end, if you keep playing it you only lose, right? I hope not, because I am still gonna keep playin at least once a week. Hope i win. I hope you do too. …..With love and concern…..Please play RESPONSIBLY!!!!!!

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