Betting Pros Point to Dewyze

Lee Dewyze seems to be getting it done. Possibly proving that generations never get tired of Bob Seger-like vocals, Dewyze is the latest installment of 'regular guy from the suburbs resembles Nickelback's lead' or whatever.The point is this, four professional odds makers publishing on the Internet point to Dewyze as the best bet among the last four standing. Crystal Bowersox is slightly losing her touch, they indicate by numbers, and has dropped back closer to Casey James and Michael Lynche. Crystal still enjoys some length -in terms of odds -from those two guys, at the end of the day.

It seems that as Dewyze grows in confidence, and continues to pick songs wisely from different themes and genres each week, he grows in the hearts of voters. In a recent episode the judges exuberantly proclaimed that if he kept it up, continued to look like he was having fun, showed confidence and delivered a few more original performances, he "could win this thing."

So far the people who make their living doing research on behalf of the betting public agree. If he pulls it off, Lee would make yet another Mid-western artist on the top of the Idol world -following winners from Arkansas and Kansas City. The author, a Missouri graduate, would be proud.

Chicagoans are sometimes known for the opposite of what many New Yorkers, or Bostoners, love to display: bravado. Some call it arrogance. Maybe that's part of why America seems to be wising up to the kid named Dewyze.

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