Save Money by Banning the Lottery from Your Budget

In these tight economic times, we are all looking for ways like sotongdewa to trim personal expenses. We are all examining our budgets, and deciding what we can live without. And the things that we keep spending money on must lead to a definite benefit in our lives; or at the very least, be a necessity.One of the things that many individuals can cut out of their budgets are lottery tickets. Whether they are scratch tickets, or tickets for the mega-prize multi-state drawings, lottery tickets seldom provide a return that outweighs their annual cost. Yes, there are people that win big “life-changing” prizes; but they are the exception and not the rule.

For instance, if you live in Colorado, there are four weekly lottery drawings: two for the local state lottery, and two for the multi-state Powerball drawing. The Colorado state drawing costs one dollar for a chance to win, and the Powerball costs either one dollar or two depending on whether you want a chance at winning the biggest prize. Let’s assume that the player wants a chance at winning the biggest prizes. Therefore each week, provided that a player is playing both games every drawing, a lottery player is shelling out six dollars.

Six dollars does not sound like a lot. But that is per week, and assumes that the player is only playing a single ticket per drawing. Over the space of a year, six dollars per week adds up to three hundred and twelve dollars a …

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Texas Holdem Betting Tips

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If you haven’t discovered yet, the most important aspects of poker are the rounds of betting. A winning player understands that he or she needs to learn how to bet correctly not only to win money, but to maximize their session’s profits and get the most bang for their buck in the pot. I’ve compiled the best possible tips that will allow you to win as much as possible when betting in poker.Poker Terminology (in reference to betting)

Before I get into the details and strategies it’s imperative you understand the basic betting terminology in the game of Texas Holdem. In every single round of betting (while you’re still in the hand) you’ll have the option to either check, call, raise, or fold. A “check” is like a “free-bee” you’re passing up your turn the the next player to decide whether he or she wants to bet or check also. So checking just passes your turn without you having to bet or fold (you’re still in the hand if you check). But if another player ahead of you makes the decision to bet, then you must at least “call” to stay in the game. A call just simply matches another players bet. And a “raise” calls the other players bet and adds more money to the pot. If you raise a bet, then the other player(s) have the option to “re-raise”, which adds even more money to the pot. So are you ready to start betting? Great, let’s go!

Your …


Pot Limit Omaha: The Gamblers Game of Choice

Although no limit Texas hold’em is the traditional game of choice among poker players on sites such as pokerstars (, there is a lesser known, more action packed poker game that has started to gain immense popularity. That game is pot limit Omaha. Omaha, which has continues to grow as a staple game for serious poker players, is a hold’em style game where each player is dealt four cards instead of the traditional two. Just like hold’em there is a flop, a turn, and a river each with round of betting. Unlike hold’em, however, each player is required to use two of the four cards in his hand to make the best possible five card hand. This means that if you hold an ace of spades but do not have another spade you do not make a flush when there are four spades on the board.Because you are dealt four cards you have a much higher chance to hit the flop than you do in hold’em. Almost everyone who is in a hand has usually hit the flop somehow; Some will have a pair, others a straight draw, maybe even a set. When so many people catch a piece of the flop betting is inevitable. To an unexperienced Omaha player the number of people in any given pot as well as the continuous raising and re-raising may seem like chaos. It is not unusual to see multiple players betting big all with very good hands.

With the possibility of so …


Svaneholms Slott – One of Sweden's Numerous Old Castles

I am a castle fanatic. Well, anything having to do with the medieval and renaissance periods, really. As such, I have made it my goal since moving to Sweden to explore every castle left standing. We discovered Svaneholms Slott on a road trip to visit a friend in Trelleborg. Svaneholms Slott is just a bit north of that in a little town called Skurup, which is in the southern Swedish region called Skane. For the record, the word 'Slott' is Swedish for pretty much any old historical building from magnificent Keeps to reinforced manors to castles. In this instance it is absolutely a castle.

Svaneholms dates back to 1530, but has been refurbished, parts rebuilt, and added on to over the years. So, while many of the castles of this age are mere ruins, Svaneholms Slott is whole and has been turned into a historical museum. Yes folks, it is open to the public. You can tour this wonderland various days from April through October. Do check their website for exact days and times.

Part of the reason I think Svaneholms castle survived while others were being leveled by the Danish is because it is built on an island in a large lake. As such, it was, and is, in a very defensible position. I've seen so many sad ruins of once-great structures that it was a real pleasure to see one still in tact and so lovingly cared for.

As you enter the castle you will find the obligatory …


Betting on Sports

I am here to tell you that betting on sports is a bad idea. Betting on sports is akin to being told to sit in front of your television set for three hours under the premise that at the end of that time someone will give you fifty dollars. Except that when you are betting on sports, at the end of the three hours, more often than not, you fork over sixty dollars to that somebody.In between marriages in the early Nineties, I was betting on sports. I always thought that it would be an easy way to pick up some extra cash, so I picked up the phone night after night and betting on sports became a way of life for me for about one year. Looking back now, I can honestly tell you that although I did win sometimes while betting on sports, I do not remember a single one of those occasions. But I can recite chapter and verse the losses I incurred while betting on sports, so fresh in my mind they remain.

The only betting on sports terminology I am going to introduce you to are the words used to describe a horribly gut wrenching loss. This term is “bad beat”, and if I am not the poster child for this phrase, then God help the fellow who is. I took some of the baddest beats you could possibly imagine while betting on sports, so many in such bizarre fashion that it completely broke me …


Is Winning the Lottery a Curse?

Who in his right mind wouldn't be completely ecstatic in winning a huge multi-million dollar lottery? Some people play the lottery on occasion. But there are hordes of people who have incorporated the purchase of lottery tickets into their daily routines. Whether you play strictly for entertainment purposes, or to catapult a luxurious lifestyle, the result of landing a windfall in the lottery can bring more heartache than relief.THE PROBLEM WITH THE LOTTERY…

Demographic records have dictated in the past that the heaviest lottery contributors are usually the poorest members of society. It can also be said that those who are the most desperate for a big break are those who are actually providing that big "break" to others who ultimately win.

The lottery, which is essentially gambling run by the state, is used to fund causes like education. The majority of the monies paid out is dedicated to lottery prizes. The rest is divided amongst education funding, and the expenses required to run the game itself. Thus, the lottery itself may not necessarily be corrupt. It is in essence what is done with game prize money that makes the concept of a lottery questionable.


For every smiling face of a lottery winner, there is another winner whose countenance bears something a bit more disillusioned. These are some of the unfortunate dozens who have realized that winning is not always everything:

  • Evelyn Adams/ New Jersey/ $5.4 million- This lucky lady won the NJ lottery not once,

Mega Millions Lottery Winner Lost Ticket for a Time — Then Redeemed for $1 Million Prize

Most people who win lotteries are pretty eager to claim their millions. The whole point of playing the lottery, after all, is to potentially win the money. So it was surprising when Raleigh Hill and his wife waited six months to redeem their $1 million Mega Millions prize.Raleigh Hill won his $1 million lottery prize in the August 20, 2010 Mega Millions drawing. Not a close observer of the lottery, apparently, Hill did not realize until a couple weeks after the drawing that he had one. Then a series of events caused a delay in redeeming the prize, including a time when Hill had lost the ticket, which he later found in a shoebox. This week, Hill and his wife redeemed the ticket for their $1 million prize, on the last day before expiration, claiming that fear of publicity had contributed to the delay. [Source: "Just in time: Couple claims lotto prize right before deadline," MSNBC, 2/16/11. Downloaded from:]

At least we know that Raleigh Hill is not hard up for cash. If he had any pressing debts or other obligations, he presumably would not have waited six months to claim his $1 million prize. One has to wonder, however, how anyone could wait that long to collect their winnings.

Raleigh Hill is not the only lottery winner to wait to redeem a winning ticket out of fear of publicity, of course. Last month, $180 Million winner Holly Lahti let a whole week pass before she claimed her winnings …


Gambling Fun in Tunica, Mississippi

If you are looking to go somewhere for fun and excitement that offers 24 hour casino environment come to Tunica, MS. This area has become a miniature Las Vegas. Drive by car, RV, or fly into Memphis. You can either play slots, play tables, go to a concert, eat at one of the many restaurants, or any of the other surrounding activities. The best thing is each casino has a shuttle that takes you to the other casinos, so you are not limited to play just at one casino. There is a shopping center, Casino Factory Shoppes, that has an outlet feel. Sit back and let me tell you what Tunica has to offer.Casinos

It is the largest casino in the area that has its gaming set up in 4 different gaming themes. It is only a 20 minute drive from Memphis. The Grand offers a Total Rewards players card that will work at any Caesars Entertainment gaming establishment and can earn you comp dollars when you play at the table or slots. It will also earn you 3% back on cash purchases made at the hotel. Across the street near the hotels they offer a childcare station called Kids Quest that offer kids a chance to have fun with games and play area. They have a convention center onsite where concerts and events are held frequently. They also have a sporting center that offers skeet, clay, and trap shooting. There is covered parking available.

When you …


2011 November Nine Betting Odds in Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas casino has offered betting lines on the 2011 November Nine. This marks the first time that odds are offered for this event in Vegas due to new regulations allowing for sportsbooks to include this type of wager.

The leader in this 2011 WSOP Main Event is Martin Staszko. With 40 million chips and 7 million more than 2nd place, Wynn placed Staszko as the favorite with 3-1 odds. What that means is that you would need to bet $100 to win $300 if Martin wins the 2011 November Nine.

Here are the remaining betting odds for the finale of this 2011 WSOP Main Event in November:

17-5 Eoghan O'Dea – 33,925,000
6-1 Matt Giannetti – 24,750,000
6-1 Phil Collins – 23,875,000
6-1 Ben Lamb – 20,875,000
7-1 Badih Bounahra – 19,700,000
10-1 Pius Heinz – 16,425,000
11-1 Anton Makievskyi – 13,825,000
14-1 Sam Holden – 12,375,000

Now, one may wish to pick one of the Americans – Matt Giannetti, Phil Collins or Ben Lamb – simply because they appear to be the most seasoned poker pros in the bunch. But results at a final table are pretty random. One lucky or unlucky hand can change everything. And the supposed best player quite often does not win because of that short-term luck factor.

In fact, of all the famous pros since 2006 making the final table in huge Main Event fields – Allen Cunningham, Phil Ivey and Michael Mizrachi being the most famous – they finished 4th, …